Disk Space Usage Rules

We have been fighting a running battle trying to keep free space on Shakti's disks. Using more than your share not only takes space away from others but makes maintaining and backing up this machine enourmously more difficult.

This disk space is provide for the storage of data and programs which will be used on this computer. This means that no MS-DOS, MS-Windows or Macintosh files should be found on this computer! This also means no pictures that aren't part of your WWW site.

Personal WWW sites are allowed, but must be kept to to a moderate size since that is not the primary purpose of this computer. Anything above 10 megabytes is considered clearly immoderate. Storing movies on this computer is ABSOLUTELY PROHIBITED!

We realize that many of these abuses were commited innocently. We call this to your attention so that you can take corrective action now. We will be vigourously enforcing these rules with robot programs which clamber through the disks looking for violations.

DSAS 16 October 1997, DSC