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    F o r  P o w e r  M a c  DR  8.2

    (And I've got it!!) 
    [PCC PC150 w/BeOS]My name is Brian Jackson and I am a freshman at Trinity College in Hartford, CT. On January 18, I received my copy of the first version of the BeOS for Power Macintosh computers! Brought to us by Be, Inc, let me tell you it is one of the most amazing technological feats I have ever seen! I can not believe the power of this operating system. It just may be the death of Apple's ancient OS!This OS really unleashes the power of the PowerPC chips. I have a PowerComputing PowerCenter 150 with a 150 MHz PowerPC 604 chip and the BeOS ran circle around the MacOS! I am able to play 4 Quicktime movie, browse the Internet, play a CD, run a file query and render 4 3D windows in real-time all at the same time! You should and can see it! The first cool thing is the nearly instantaneous startup. Next was the integrated email. There is a mailbox in the dock and I am able to create, a new email message without opening an application. The file query is lightning fast! It took less than five seconds to search for every file with the letter 'a' in it and the bottle neck was the sorting not the searching! The instantaneous results are due to BeOS's ingenious database that is updated with every single change to anything. The other cool thing about the BeOS that I can take advantage of(since I'm on a LAN that is directly on the Internet) is that people can ftp to my computer when it is on or I can use it to put up my own web site not on Trinity's server with my own address. If my computer is on and the BeOS is running you can click on the above link and see my web page that is stored on my computer or ftp into my computer(that is if you can figure out the password). It is also possible to telnet into my computer. I can not wait until DR(Developer Release)9 is released with will have partial support for AppleTalk! DR8.2 is definitely not perfect though. Many things are still not supported like: anything higher than 256 colors, the floppy drive or Apple formatted hard drives or anything that uses Apple's Hiearchial File System(HFS). This will be supported in DR9(the preview version that will be bundled will all PowerComputing clones). There are utilities on the internet to get around the HFS problem. X-files utility lets mounting of Mac floppies(unfortunately the floppy drive is inoperable with DR8.2), Zip disks, CD-ROMs, and hard drives. This is a great asset to me and I believe it should have been bundle on the DR8.2 CD. Also printing and modems are not supported because the serial port is not supported.I absolutely and whole-heartedly recommend that you get a glimpse at the BeOS! I know you will be amazed. Dragging on a menu does not freeze everything, movies still play with out a hitch and 3D rendering doesn't slow abit. Moving a movie window is done in realtime(no dotted outlines here) while the movie still plays without dropping a frame!! [BeSpread] This is a beautiful work of art that everyone should, and hopefully will, experience. It is still in its infancy but DR8.2 shows so much potential. With Virtual Mac for BeOS promised to be released when DR9 is released, Be seems to be racing ahead of Apple's NeXT OS at a lightning paced rate. Apple doesn't plan to have a "Mac as we know it"-compatible OS until early '98, six months after the planned releases or Virtual Mac and DR9. It it hot in here, Apple? The future looks bright for Be, especially now that they have pulled out of the hardware business and realized that they need to concentrate all their efforts on creating the OS of the 21st century. They seem to be making all the right decisions, what can't Apple follow their lead? It was a horrible decision when Apple chose the NeXT OS over the BeOS, and it may have been Apple's final mistake. 

    Check out the CD of Champions 

    April 23, 1997
    Rumor has it that DR 9 will be released tomorrow!  Lets hope!  I moved the BeoS from my partition to a Zip disk to save my hard drive space until DR9 is realeased and in my hands. It works great!

    March 4, 1997 
    On bedevtalk I found some cool news about what is going into DR9. The first good news is that DR9 will be distributed free of charge on its release at the end of this month! The next good news will be support of the floppy drive, Appletalk printers and 32 bit graphics support for PowerMacs. Also support for the Apple HFS. The news I'm most excited about though is the support of antialiased fonts!! I have thought for awhile now that antialiased screen fonts are what will be included in the aesthetics of a 21st Century OS. Other news that I have found is that file typing in DR9 will be done using MIME types instead of what is in use now(Major plus for the Internet). Be plans to distibute 1 million copies of the BeOS by the end of 1997. The Browser(which will now be called the Tracker) will have list view and the dock is not going to be in the Tracker anymore. 

    March 3, 1997
    I downloaded the 3dmov demo off of the BeWare site. It is amazing!! It is a demo of the texture mapping abilities of DR9 and it shows how you can drag a movies to the pages of a 3d book and turn the pages in real-time while the movies still play! My jaw hit the floor!! If you don't have Be and would like to see what it looks like check out a screen shot of it.

    Screen Shots 

    [Screenshot 1]This is a shot of all the windows that I can open and such. The words were all added in Photoshop. (Click on it to enlarge it) 

    [Screenshot 2]This is a screenshot of the demo I downloaded that texturemaps movies or live feeds on to the pages of a book and lets you turn the pages in real-time. The movie on the left page is the trailer for Star Trek: First Contact(Yes, that is the Borg Cube) and the movie on the right page is the teaser for Batman and Robin(Yes, that is Uma). The other two pages are playing the trailer for Empire Strikes Back & Return of the Jedi and the trailer for The Rock. (Click on it to enlarge it) 

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