Two Idiots Discuss Kabbalah

Larry King Live with Madonna
January 18, 1999

KING: Tell me about Kabbalah.
MADONNA: What do you want to know?
KING: How your interest began -- this is a...
MADONNA: The mystical...
KING: Now I'm Jewish. I don't remember learning anything about it when I was a kid growing up.
MADONNA: Because they don't teach the Kabbalah in -- it is considered traditionally the only people that are supposed to learn the Kabbalah are men, and they have to be over the age of 42. So because that is considered...
KING: So this is a sect of the orthodox.
MADONNA: Yes, traditionally, but I mean its roots are in orthodox Judaism, but think historically, I think a group of rabbis and, you know, scholars broke away and said look, if this information is so enlightening and so important and can help other people, why are we limiting it to teaching it just to men, Jewish men who are passed the age of 42? So people -- teachers, you know, started kind of branching out and opening up centers.
KING: What attracted you?
MADONNA: A friend of mine who is Jewish and -- but who isn't very religious was going to these classes, and she kept coming back and telling me about them and telling me about this great charismatic rabbi and these great stories, these fables that he would tell and how moving they were. And I could never -- it sort of went in one ear and out the other and I could never figure out what she was talking about. So finally out of curiosity I went to a class in Los Angeles. I was about 6-1/2 months pregnant and I was very moved by it. And it didn't really matter that I was, you know, raised a Catholic or I wasn't Jewish and I felt very comfortable and I liked being anonymous in a classroom environment and it was nice learning.
KING: Do you feel now you are a...
MADONNA: A honorary Jew?
KING: Honorary Jew or are you -- is there a term for -- are you a Kabbalahan?
MADONNA: I am a Kabbalist. Yes, I'd like too. There is definitely a Kabbalistic approach to life or a Kabbalistic point of view, but it's not different than a lot of other teachings. I study Hinduism; I study Buddhism; Taoism.
KING: You believe in a supreme being?
MADONNA: Absolutely. But I also believe that all paths lead to God.
KING: We'll be right back with more of Madonna, more of our phone calls.